• "It is not often I work with someone as professional as Marcia and with someone who keeps the best interests of my clients first and foremost in mind."
    - Barber & Assoc.
  • "From the cheerful voice greeting every call to the diligent follow-up, Blue Feather Management represents their speakers in a most professional fashion. As a bureau it’s a double pleasure, since I get full commission on each speaker I book through Blue Feather and also get their professional assistance in the handling of contracts, speaker packages, etc."
    - The Allen Agency, Inc.
  • "Your attention to details, professionalism, and unflagging enthusiasm always make it a pleasure to work with you in booking your speakers."
    - Keppler Associates
  • "Your attention to every detail makes booking your speakers a joy for us."
    - Key Speakers Bureau
  • "Over the years that I have known Marcia Snow and her organization, I have been consistently amazed at the caliber of people they represent and the integrity of their service."
    - Ziglar Training Systems
  • "On behalf of our team here at IBM/Burlington, I want to thank you for all your support for our Leadership Conferences. We really appreciate how you have gone the extra mile to help us find speakers that have been perfect for our events. You are always willing and anxious to present us with a variety of choices and then to work with us to make certain that the speakers we selected would fit into our programs, our budget and our venues. We value your advice and recommendations highly. You’ve always been “right on!”
    - IBM

Blue Feather Management

Are you drowning in details, instead of swimming in what you love
most... SPEAKING!!??

As with many speakers, you may be "doing it all" on your own or experiencing staff changes, and may be looking to expand to the next level of your speaking business. We realize the dilemma of the challenges you face, especially being on the road - not able to immediately respond to potential clients, send out packets, or the other myriad details you must attend to. If not handled promptly, professionally and with your interests foremost in mind, this will result in lost business.

What if you could be 'freed' of those details to focus on speaking, product development, or any other activities where you would rather spend your time?

What if, in doing so, your speaking business would take a jump? Like that of Wally "Famous" Amos, Les Brown, Dave Carey and others who have had us manage their speaking business. We realize that most lost business occurs in the lack of follow-up and are here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

We would love to talk to you about being your manager for your speaking business, particularly how we could decrease the stresses and challenges you face as a speaker and how our services can increase your revenue.


  • Peace of Mind. We have the experience and a proven track record.
  • Increased revenue and exposure. Our clients consist of hundreds of people/organizations that we have established relationships with, such as IBM, Microsoft, Lucent Technologies, etc., and all the top speakers bureaus.
  • Free up your time and resources.
  • Less stress, not having to worry about details.
  • Tenacious follow-up, using superior customer relation skills that instill trust and confidence with your clients.
  • Business organization.
  • Consistently informed and updated.
  • No risk. We do it all, including absorbing all the expenses and providing all the follow-up. You pay us by commission only, except for an initial set-up fee, providing you have a minimum of two engagements per month.
  • Security/Trust. We have a proven track record with clients, speakers and other speakers bureaus and are happy to provide references.
  • Joy! By doing what you love best and releasing the rest, your joy will exude!
  • And because we love what we do, you'll get the best this industry has to offer!


We offer a full speaker management service with a commitment to excellence. Our Mission Statement is: "To promote excellence, serve with integrity, and catapult all people to live with passion." This differentiates us from other speaker managers - the combination of our high degree of integrity, specialized knowledge, and loving what we do creates results that will grow your business the way you want it to grow.

Our strengths lie in client relations, organizational skills, tenacity and follow-through. Because we come from a place of service, our speakers and clients trust us early on, resulting in a high closure rate and smooth coordination. We create raving fans, with both the speakers and clients we serve!

Blue Feather Management was named from a passage in the book "Illusions" by Richard Bach. The blue feather story is a metaphor for creating something from nothing. So far, this rings resoundingly true.


If you are a speaker who has been speaking professionally for 3+ years and have at least three or more bookings per month, we may be a perfect match. Our services are not designed for the start-up speaker who speaks only a handful of times a year and is looking for someone to market them. Rather, it is for the seasoned professional speaker who is ready to move up another notch, expand horizons, let go of the daily details, and form an alliance with a firm who takes to heart his/her interests, and more importantly, those of his/her clients.


  • Established speakers who want to focus on their speaking and/or product development
  • Speakers who have reached the point where they are having challenges keeping up with all the details and follow-through
  • Speakers who have their own referrals and leads and want to build on them
  • Speakers who place their clients first
  • Speakers who are responsible and responsive
  • Speakers with integrity


Let's talk and see if we're a fit. We know you are as particular as we are about who you work with. It would be an honor to discuss the options with you.