• Fee: $11,000, plus hotel. All other travel included.
  • Topics: Corporate Branding and Personal Branding
  • Travels from: California

Lesley Everett

Lesley Everett is an internationally acclaimed professional keynote speaker and expert on The Personality of the Brand, and has presented her Walking TALL Methodology in 26 countries across 5 continents to date. She is a regular contributor to US and UK media and is a published author of 3 books, the latest Corporate Brand Personality (Kogan Page, 2016). Her clients include ASDA/Walmart, Marriott Hotels, JetBlue, Unilever, GE and Bank of America as well as various charities and associations

She has numerous appearances on BBC News, Sky Business, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, CBS and Bloomberg. Lesley has also had over 200 articles published in print media around the world. Lesley is the founder of Walking TALL with offices in UK, US and Hong Kong.

She has created a methodology for Personal Branding that has inspired audiences for over 15 years. Her materials are continually developed via the interactive research she carries out and she is often quoted by other business professionals. Lesley was awarded the Professional Speaking Award of Excellence in 2010, entering her into the celebrated speaker Hall of Fame. She is a Past President of the Global Speakers Federation (2014).

Lesley is a highly experienced international keynote and breakout speaker. She understands how to tailor a presentation to suit your theme, audience and diversity of culture. She has spoken in 26 countries including Iran, Malaysia, Australia and extensively in Europe & North America.

The focus of her presentations is on creating authenticity in and improved engagement with your organization’s brand through people behaviors and personal branding.

Lesley will work with you, and where appropriate with your other speakers, to ensure dovetailed and complementary content. She will fully understand your corporate brand and weave this into the session. Where possible, Lesley will stay for the entire day at your conference, to listen to other speakers and network with your delegates.

We understand that it’s not just about what your audience hear on stage from Lesley, it’s about how they implement it and how you keep momentum going. Therefore we like to provide additional tools such as video modules, tips and webinars to support this.


Communicating your Brand Me

This keynote or breakout is ideal for personal development and leadership conferences as it focuses on creating your uniqueness and personal brand for greater exposure, visibility and career progression.

It provides proven techniques for taking control of your career and positioning yourself for greater success and authentic impact with every interaction.

Target audience:  Graduates, Managers, Leaders, Talent

Lesley will cover:

  • Why a personal brand is vital for reaching career goals
  • Creating the foundations of an authentic personal brand
  • How to build that brand consistently
  • Becoming well-known for what you are great at
  • Creating personal impact with every interaction
  • Developing a pragmatic and sustainable visibility & profile plan
  • The elements of building a successful & memorable reputation

Style:  Content-rich, upbeat, fun, interaction and with a serious personal development and business message

Length:  30 – 60 minutes  ** This keynote can be customized to suit your needs **

The Personality of the Brand

This keynote is aimed at business leaders and addresses the question of how effectively your corporate brand is being projected via your leadership team and employees. Your company’s brand today is quite simply the perception your customers have of the brand from their experience with your people. This gets talked about. Are you maximizing your brand investment or creating risk by diluting it severely?

Target audience:  Senior Executives and Business Leaders

Lesley will cover:

  • How the personality of the corporate brand impacts your bottom line
  • Where some companies fall short and inadvertently create risk
  • Corporate culture and people behaviors
  • Leadership brands and their impact on the business
  • Putting a strategy in place to address the brand engagement gaps
    • People brand and the tools to package yours
    • What do you personally as a leader want to be ‘famous’ for?
    • Building trust and credibility
    • Increasing visibility and profile authentically
  • Creating a culture of authenticity, trust & respect from the top down
  • Enhancing alignment of people behaviors with the corporate vision

Style:  Content-rich, thought-provoking, some interaction with an impactful business message

Length:  30 – 60 minutes  ** This keynote can be customized to suit your needs **

Re-focus Your Organization’s Culture to Build Trust,
Respect and Authenticity

This book explores the critical part that people behavior plays in corporate branding today. Lesley believes that real corporate branding today is far more than the traditional methods and that now your clients and customers themselves simply define your brand from the experiences they receive when dealing with people from your organization, and they talk about it too.

A must read book for any Leaders wanting to ignite their social engine, light up their brand and fire up their people.”  – Phil Jones, Managing Director, Brother UK Ltd.